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  • HBR 2019,

    Changes at the HBR 2019

    1. The HBR will host the 36th Varsity Women's Lightweight Boat Race on 30th March 2019. Racing will begin at 13:00. The full schedule will be posted separately.

    2. Parking - Unfortunately there will be no dedicated parking for HBR spectators this year. Parking near to the river is extremely limited. Spectators are strongly advised to use public transport to access Henley. The railway station is only a short walk from the river.

    3. Facilities - Unfortunately there are no spectator facilities on Temple Island Meadows or on the tow-path this year.

    4. Prize-giving will take place at Upper Thames Rowing Club at the end of racing.

    5. Relocation - In the event of a need to relocate the Varsity Lightweight Boat Race will be relocated to Dorney Lake. As was the case last year, vehicular access to Dorney Lake will be severely restricted. Details will be posted on the 27th/28th March if this becomes necessary.

  • HBR Race Schedule 2019,

    Saturday 30th March 2019

    13:30 Alumnae Race

    14:00 Intercollegiate Men's Race

    14:30 Women's Lightweight Reserves Race

    15:00 Women's Lightweight Boat Race

  • HBR 2018 - Race Reports,

    Strong winds and arctic temperatures made challenging conditions at Eton Dorney for the relocated Henley Boat Races. After some exceptionally tight racing, Cambridge University Lightweights won both Varsity races and the men's reserves race to retain the Francombe cup as the most successful university on the day for a fourth year in a row.

  • HBR 2018 Results Summary,

    Cambridge win the Francombe Cup

    Women's Lightweight Eights - Cambridge win - 1/2 length - 7:24

    Men's Lightweight Eights - Cambridge win - 1/3 length - 6:26

    Women's Reserves (4+) - Oxford win - Easily - 8:15

    Men's Reserves (4+) - Cambrdge win - 3/4 length - 7:24

    Full report and photos to follow.

  • The 2018 Lightweight Boat Races will be streamed on-line this year. The times of the races are as follows;

    15:30 Women's Reserves

    15:50 Men's Reserves

    16:10 Women's Ltw. Blue Boats

    16:30 Men's Ltw. Bllue Boats

    There are no spectator facilities available at Dorney Lake. The weather forecast is for cold temperatures. Spectators are encouraged to watch the racing on-line rather than attending at Dorney.

  • Adverse river conditions on the Thames at Henley have made it necessary to relocate the 2018 Oxford & Cambridge Lightweight Boat Races. The management at Eton Dorney have kindly agreed that racing may take place at Dorney Lake.

    Due to another event taking place at Dorney, there will be no general parking available. Parking for HBR spectators is severely restricted and by permit only - other vehicles will not be permitted access to the site.

    It is a condition of our permission to race at Eton Dorney that spectators do not park in the villages and lanes adjacent to Dorney Lake.

    Unfortunately the Alumnae and Inter-Collegiate races are cancelled for 2018.

  • Henley Boat Race Ball 2018,

    Details of the 2018 Henely Boat Race Ball are now on our 'Ball' page.

    Tickets can be purchased here -

  • Trials Races 2017,

    Sadly, the 2017 Lightweight Trials Races were cancelled yesterday because of heavy snow which created potentially dangerous conditions on the roads throughout Oxfordshire and much of the Midlands. In the interests of the safety of athletes, officials and spectators the decision was taken at 9:00am to cancel racing for the day.

    With thanks to the CUWBC twitter account for the image of a very snowy Leander Club.

    A date for your diaries - Henley Boat Races 2018 - Sunday 18th March.

  • Henley Boat Races 2018,

    The dates for HBR 2018 are now confirmed.

    Trials Races - Sunday 10th December 2017

    Henley Boat Races - Sunday 18th March 2018

  • A copy of the video, live streamed on race day.


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