HBR Race Schedule 2019,
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Saturday 30th March 2019

13:30 Alumnae Race

14:00 Intercollegiate Men's Race

14:30 Women's Lightweight Reserves Race

15:00 Women's Lightweight Boat Race

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RT @CUWBC: GOLD for Jess Godden (Emmanuel) and Louise Brett (Fitzwilliam) in Championship Lightweight Pairs #BUCSRegatta #rowingrelated #cu…

RT @OUWLRC: Our Lw8+ have won gold 💪🥇💙 #OUWLRC #BUCSRegatta #Winners

RT @HeymannJoanna: The start date of my row in a single from London to Oxford (165km) is 27th April. I'm aiming for a new target of £10,000…