Henley Boat Races 2016 - Results,
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One each for the Lightweight Blue Boats. Cambridge take the inaugural Women's Lightweight Reserves and Alumnae races. Clean sweep for Oxford in the Intercollegiate VIIIs.

Cambridge are warned as the lightweight women contest the stream.

Men's Lightweight VIIIs                         Cambridge beat Oxford                                  Easily

Women's Lightweight VIIIs                    Oxford beat Cambridge                                  Canvas

Women's Lightweight Reserve Pairs    Cambridge beat Oxford                                   3/4 l.

Women's Intercollegiate VIIIs               Christ Church (Oxf) beat Jesus (Cam)           4 l.

Men's Intercollegiate VIIIs                     Pembroke (Oxf) beat Caius (Cam)                 1 l.

Alumnae Coxed Fours Race                 CUWBC Alumnae beat OUWBC Alumnae     1 1/2 l.

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