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The Henley Boat Races committee wishes the Osiris-Blondie competitors and coaches the best of luck in their move to the Tideway.

The Henley Boat Races will continue to feature the Oxford and Cambridge men's and women's lightweight rowing races, preceded by the Oxford and Cambridge College races. The clubs of both universities are taking this opportunity to create a new profile for the event, centred on the Oxbridge lightweights. We are looking forward to many more years of exciting racing.

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RT @CUWBC: GOLD for Jess Godden (Emmanuel) and Louise Brett (Fitzwilliam) in Championship Lightweight Pairs #BUCSRegatta #rowingrelated #cu…

RT @OUWLRC: Our Lw8+ have won gold 💪🥇💙 #OUWLRC #BUCSRegatta #Winners

RT @HeymannJoanna: The start date of my row in a single from London to Oxford (165km) is 27th April. I'm aiming for a new target of £10,000…