2019 Crews

OUWLRC 2019 (Won - 2 1/2 lengths)

Bow: Katherine Ferris (Great Britain) Trinity College - Biochemistry

2: Leah Mitchell (GB/New Zealand) Balliol College - Biomedical Sciences

3: Katie Hurt (Great Britain) Corpus Christi College - Physics

4: Grace Joel (Australia) Balliol College - PPE

5: Naiomi Holland (Great Britain) Christ Church College - Physics

6: Eleanor Watts (Great Britain) Wolfson College - Population Health

7: Grace Hanna (Great Britain) Exeter College - Mathematics

Str: Fiona Jamieson (Great Britain) Corpus Christi College - Plant Sciences

Cox: Jolet Mimpen (Green templeton College - Musculoskeletal Science


CUWBC Lightweights 2019

Bow: Laura Stewart (Great Britain) Pembroke College - Economics

2: Victoria Walker (Great Britain) Gonville & Caius College - Medicine

3: Chiara Avancini (Italy) Newnham College - Psychology

4: Jessica Godden (Great Britain) Emmanuel College - Natural Sciences

5: Catherine King (Great Britain) Gonville & Caius College - Natural Sciences

6: Gemma King (Great Britain) St. John's College - Natural Sciences

7: Louise Brett (Great Britain) Fitzwilliam College - Geography

Str: Florence Alexander (Great Britain) Sidney Sussex College - Medicine

Cox: Dylan Whitaker (Great Britain) King's College - Medicine

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