2018 Crews

CULRC 2018

Bow: Calum Macrae - Gonville and Cauis College

2: Julian Sprosmann - Darwin College

3: Zenas Van Veldhoven - Wolfson College (President)

4: Neil Paul - King's College

5: Theo Weinberger - St John's College

6: Felix Koninx - St John's College

7: Ben Mackworth - Corpus Christi College

Str: Sam Philpott - Girton College

Cox: Juliet Armstrong - Trinity College

Coach: Daniel Janes and Steve Harris

OULRC 2018

Bow: Roman Girn - St Cross College

2: Alexander Rowe-Jones - University College

3: Agamemnon Elvis Crumpton - Queen's College

4: Sooraj Mahesh - St Peter's College

5: Jonathan Martin - Balliol College

6: Iain McGurgan - St Hilda's College

7: Alexander Pavitt - Queen's College

Str: Dan Bowen - Pembroke College

Cox: Dhaval Desai (St Edmund Hall)

Coach: Samuel Wells

CUWBC Lightweights 2018

Bow: Ellie Thompson - Newnham College (President)

2: Victoria Walker - Gonville and Cauis College

3: Debs Oakely - Darwin College

4: Lucy Harris - Queen's College

5: Olivia Hamilton - Magdalene College

6: Rebecca Hartwell - Queen's College

7: Mirian Aspley - Christ's College

Str: Naomi Pygott - Peterhouse College

Cox: Stephanie Payne - Trinity Hall

Coach: Daniel Janes and Steve Harris


Bow: Grace Hanna - Exeter College

2: Fiona Jamieson - Corpus Christi College

3: Christina Turner - St Edmund Hall

4: Ellie Watts - Wolfson College (President)

5: Hannah Patel - Linacre College

6: Maline Meiske - St Antony's College

7: Caitlin O'Brien - Jesus College

Str: Grace Joel - Jesus College

Cox: Sowon Lee - Somerville College

Coach: Chris O'Hara and Jill Betts

Reserve Crews


Bow: Jonathan Shoesmith - Peterhouse

2: Nicholas Rice - Magdalene

3: Hugo Ventham - Homerton

Str: Thomas Roe - Emmanuel College

Coach: Matthew Holland


Bow: Andrew Linden - Brasenose College

2: Anton Peez - St Antony's College

3: Alexander Allison - St Edmund Hall

Str: George Spill - St Edmund Hall (President)

Cox: Holl Metcalf - University College

Coach: Samuel Wells

CUWBC Lightweight Reserves

Bow: Aurelia Dixon - Trinity College

2: Jamie Fox - Clare College

3: Jessica Godden - Emmanuel College

Stroke: Louise Brett - Fitzwilliam College

Cox: Tara Slade - Gonville and Cauis College

Coach: Matthew Holland


Bow: Katherine Ferris - Trinity College

2: Amanda Thomas - Somerville College

3: Naomi Holland - Christ Church College

Stroke: Emily Hinson - St Hugh's College

Cox: Jolet Mimpen - Green Templeton College

Coach: Jill Betts

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