2017 Crews

CULRC 2017 (Won 1 3/4 lengths)

Bow: Chris Jones (Great Britain) King's College - Natural Science

2: Robbie Sewell (Great Britain) Fitzwilliam College - Engineering

3: Zenas Van Veldhoven (Belgium) Wolfson College - Engineering

4: Charlie Cummins (Great Britain) Pembroke College - Medicine

5: Ben Mackworth (Great Britain) Corpus Christi College - Natural Science

6: Sam Philpott (Great Britain) Girton College - Material Science

7: Jamie Brown (Great Britain) King's College - English

Str: Giovanni Bergamo-Andreis (Great Britain/France/Italy) Queens' College - Engineering

Cox: Dom Hall (Great Britain) Pembroke College - Engineering

OULRC 2017

Bow: Tom Schwantje (Netherlands) Keble College - Economics & Mgt.

2: Henry Smith (Great Britain) Trinity College - French & German

3: George Watkinson (Great Britain) Wycliffe Hall - Theology

4: Alexander Pavitt (Great Britain/USA) Queen's Collgege - Medicine

5: Rowan Arthur (Great Britain) Lady Margaret Hall - History

6: Sooraj Mahesh (Great Britain) St.Peter's College - Medicine

7: Alex Miles (Great Britain) Trinity College - Engineering

Str: Douglas Chesterton (Great Britain) St.Edmund Hall - Engineering

Cox: Caroline Roden (Great Britain) St.Peter's College - French & Italian

CUWBC Lightweights 2017 (Won 3 lengths)

Bow: Ellie Thompson (Great Britain) Newnham College - Geography

2: Isobel Edwards (Great Britain) Downing College - Medicine

3: Rebecca Abbott (Great Britain) Jesus College - Mathematics

4: Fenella McLuskie (Great Britain) St.John's College - Natural Science

5: Olivia Jamrog (USA) Lucy Cavendish College - Law

6: Fanny Belais (Switzerland/France) Newnham College - Geography

7: Ellie Hopgood (Great Britain) Girton College - Natural Science

Str: Iona Casley (Great Britain) Gonville & Caius College - Anglo Saxon, Norse & Celtic

Cox: Akil Hashmi (Great Britain) Robinson College - Engineering


Bow: Hannah Patel (Great Britain) Linacre College - Biomedical Science

2: Lucy Cross (Great Britain) Lincoln College - Engineering

3: Livia Dewaele (GB/Belgium) Worcester College - French & Linguistics

4: Rachel Anderson (Great Britain) St.Cross College - Oncology

5: Danielle Edmunds (Great Britain) Lincoln College - Bioscience

6: Joanna Heymann (Great Britain) New College - Engineering

7: Moyo Tian (USA/Singapore) Balliol College - Physics

Str: Laure Bonfils (France) St.Hugh's College - Engineering

Cox: Cecilia Karlsson (Sweden) St.John's College - Bioscience

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