2014 crews

OULWRC 2014 (Won 3 1/2 length)

Bow: Sophie Tomlinson (Great Britain) Balliol - Philosophy

2: Kirstin Bilham (GB/Switzerland) Lincoln - Zoology

3: Rebecca Lane (Great Britain) Jesus College - Geography

4: Nicky Huskens (Netherlands) Wolfson College - Physiology

5: Sophie Philbrick (Great Britain) Somerville College - Biological Sciences

6: Zoe Cooper-Sutton (Great Britain) Christ Church College - Law

7: Emma Clifton (Great Britain) Magdalen College - Psychiatry

Str: Suzanne Cole (Great Britain) St.Edmund's Hall - Clinical Medicine

Cox: Leanne Carrott (Great Britain) Wolfson College - Biochemistry

Coach: Chris O'Hara

OUWLRC 2014 (© Big Blade Photography)

CUWBC Lightweights 2014

Bow: Clare Hall (Great Britain) Pembroke College - Engineering (PhD)

2: Christina Ostacchini (Great Britain) Gonville & Caius - History

3: Lottie Megill (Great Britain) Girton College - Classics

4: Eve Edwards (Great Britain) Emmanuel College - Natural Sciences

5: Valentina Futoryanova (GB/Russia) Queen's College - Engineering (PhD)

6: Ella Barnard (Great Britain) Gonville & Caius - Philosophy

7: Fiona Macklin (Great Britain) St.John's College - Modern & Medieval Languages

Str: Jilly Tovey (Great Britain) Gonville & Caius - Engineering

Cox: Priya Crosby (Great Britain) St.Catharine's College - Molecular Biology

Coach: Paddy Ryan

CUWBC Ltw. 2014 (© Big Blade Photography)

CULRC 2014 (Won 3 1/2 lengths)

Bow: Greg Street (Great Britain) Corpus Christi College - Mathematics

2: Emanuel Malek (Germany) Peterhouse - Theoretical Physics

3: James Green (Great Britain) Churchill College - Architecture

4: Andrei Lebed (Great Britain) Peterhouse - Management Studies

5: Niko Szumito (Poland) Fitzwilliam College - Finance (PhD)

6: Will Hayes (Breat Britain) St.Catharine's College - Engineering

7: Giovanni Bergamo Andreis (GB/Italy) Queen's College - Engineering

Str: Andrzej Hunt (GB/Poland) Clare College - Engineering

Cox: Callum Mantell (Great Britain) Emmanuel College - Engineering

Coach: Dan Janes

OULRC 2014

Bow: Dan Bowen (Great Britain) Pembroke College - Biological Sciences

2: David Zimmer (Great Britain) St.Catherine's College - Chemistry

3: Marcus Henglein (Denmark) St.Edmund's Hall - PPE

4: Robert Leonard (Great Britain) Worcester College - Geography

5: James Ellison (Great Britain) St.Cross - Statistics

6: Rowan Arthur (Great Britain) Queen's College - History

7: Andy Saul (Great Britain) Pembroke College - Engineering Science

Str: Matt Kerin (Great Britain) Keble College - Mathematics

Cox: Hannah Keenan (Great Britain) Christ Church College - Economics & Management

Coach: Bodo Schulenburg

OULRC 2014 (© Big Blade Photography)

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