2013 Crews

Lightweight Women's Boat Race

OUWLRC Blue Boat

Bow: Rebecca Lane, Jesus
2: Cynthia Eccles, Wolfson
3: Sophie Philbrick, Somerville
4: Susana Hancock, Kellogg
5: Zoe Cooper Sutton, Christ Church
6: Suzanne Cole, St Edmund Hall
7: Katherine Rollins, Trinity
Stroke: Jessica Hudson, Linacre
Cox: Aislinn Brown, Magdalen

CUWBC Lightweights

Bow: Marina Steketee, Murray Edwards
2: Alex Courage, Homerton
3: Alexandra Kamins, Selwyn
4: Lenka Veselovska, Pembroke
5: Diane Esson, Emmanuel
6: Martina Lagatierra-Wellington, St John's
7: Jilly Tovey, Gonville and Caius
Stroke: Lottie Meggitt, Girton
Cox: Brielle Stark, Gonville and Caius

OUWLRC 2013 (Won 4 3/4 lengths)

Lightweight Men's Boat Race

OULRC Blue Boat

Bow: James Kirkbride, Wolfson
2: Benjamin Bronselaer, Lady Margaret Hall
3: Keir Macdonald, St Anne’s
4: Frederick Foster, St Anne’s
5: Jasper Warner, St Hilda’s
6: Benjamin Walpole, Merton
7: Andrew Sayce, Pembroke
Stroke: Max Dillon, Keble
Cox: Christian Proctor, Mansfield

CULRC Blue Boat

Bow: William Handy, St John’s
2: Christopher Kerr, St Catharine’s
3: Nikodem Szumilo, Fitzwilliam
4: Nicolas Kernick, Sidney Sussex
5: Andrzej Hunt, Clare
6: James Wedlake, Downing
7: Simon Morris, Christ’s
Stroke: William Kenyon, Emmanuel
Cox: Jonathon Dean, Gonville and Caius

OULRC win by 1 2/3 lengths at Dorney Lake

Women's Reserves

OUWBC Osiris

Bow: Coralie Viollet-Djelassi, Corpus Christi
2: Elspeth Cumber, Green Templeton
3: Hannah Ledbury, St Peter’s
4: Ellie Darlington, Kellogg
5: Maria Mazza, Lincoln
6: Caitlin Goss, Merton
7: Annika Malin Bruger, Lincoln
Stroke: Emily Chittock, Worcester
Cox: Sophie Shawdon, Lincoln

CUWBC Blondie

Bow: Clare Hall, Pembroke
2: Ania Slotala, Clare
3: Rachel Boyd, Clare
4: Lucy Griffin, Christ’s
5: Sara Lackner, Trinity
6: Helena Schofield, Trinity Hall
7: Christine Seeliger, Wolfson
Stroke: Katie-Jane Whitlock, Jesus
Cox: Arav Gupta, Pembroke

Women's Boat Race

OUWBC Blue Boat

Bow: Marianne Novak
2: Alice Carrington-Windo
3: Mary Foord-Weston
4: Joanna Lee
5: Amy Varney
6: Harriet Keane
7: Anastasia Chitty
Stroke: Maxie Scheske
Cox: Katie Apfelbaum
Coach: Christine Wilson

CUWBC Blue Boat

Bow: Caroline Reid
2: Fay Sandford
3: Melissa Wilson
4: Jessica Denman
5: Vicky Shaw
6: Claire Watkins
7: Emily Day
Stroke: Holly Game
Cox: Esther Momcilovic
Coach: Rob Baker

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